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Oxford street

Why Choose London House Hotel – a stylish hotel near Oxford street?

It’s London’s longest shopping street. It’s also the busiest in the whole of Europe. Oxford Street is located in the city’s West End and boasts of shops and restaurants lined along the whole of its one and a half mile stretch. From high-street favourites to designer brands, the street has it all. And if you want to maximize your shopping time, it’s highly recommended that you stay in a place near the street, like the London House Hotel. With great and comfortable amenities, it’s one of the best hotels near Oxford Street.

About Oxford Street

Oxford Street gets around 200 million visitors annually making it one of London’s most popular shopping destinations and tourist spots. It has everything for everybody and you don’t have to have a lot of money to shop for nice items around the street.

Oxford Street is one of London’s ‘lifeline’ streets traversing the city’s West End. The origins of the street date back to the Roman Empire era. Oxford Street stretches from the west’s Marble Arch Station to the East’s Tottenham Court Road Station. That’s 1.5 miles in total length.


Shopping remains to be Oxford’s main attraction and the reason why it draws millions of visitors yearly. Shops make up most of the establishments located in the street. The Oxford Street premises come with hefty rents so it might be hard to find independent boutiques within the area. But massive brands abound Oxford and it offers huge department stores and cheap high-street shopping that’s hard to beat.

Here are some of Oxford’s most famous shops:

Selfridges. With its own fabulous Wonder Room and six floors of fashion, beauty, and food and drink offerings, it’s easily one of Oxford’s most visited department stores. Watch out for events, collaborations, and in-store initiatives and get discounts and freebies.

Zara. The shop’s curved glass and concrete material combination make Zara look like a futuristic department store. And the prices of their items are considerably fair compared to other shops in Oxford.

Uniqlo. One of Uniqlo’s flagship stores is in Oxford and it was just really expanded to double the size of the original. New features of the shop include a roof terrace for holding special events and the unique Uniqlo Wearhouse.


London may not be really known for any unique cuisine, but it’s a melting pot of different cuisines that have evolved through the decades. There will always be something to tickle your palate. Here are some nice restaurants in and near Oxford you might want to check out:

Onima. Yellow orb-shaped electric lanterns softly light the earth-themed ambience of the restaurant giving it a romantic and relaxing aura. They serve a mixture of Asian and Mediterranean dishes. Highly recommended are the spanakopita or Greek spinach pie for a starter, and lamb ragout for the main.

Beast. Think of medieval feasting on endless wooden tables lit with gleaming candelabra and you’ve got Beast. They serve a wide variety of ‘surf n’ turf’ dishes such as prehistoric-looking, gargantuan king crabs and Nebraskan beef. Ancillary items include shrimp tempura, Wagyu tataki, and foie gras gyozas.

Chi Kitchen. Inspired by the elements – metal, wood, water, earth, and fire, this restaurant is sure to spoil tired shoppers yearning for a quick break. Main staples are sashimi from Japan, tom yum soup from Thailand, dim sum from China, and kimchi from Korea.


For people looking for something beyond food and shopping to keep them entertained, Oxford and nearby areas don’t fall short on providing a generous dose of art.

Theatre. You’ll see one of the biggest names and shows at the New Theatre Oxford offering anything from operas to comedy shows. The North Wall Arts Centre specializes in film screenings, theatre, and live music with an emphasis on innovative, fresh art.

Festivals. The Wilderness Festival has garnered multiple awards through the years. This 4-day festival is full of fun activities like dining experiences, late night revelry, spectacle, wild swimming, and live music.

How to Get to Oxford Street from London House Hotel?

If you’re staying in the London House Hotel, Oxford Street is just a couple of miles away. You can take the Central train route via the Queensway station and get off Bond Street station which is a 3-minute to the famous street. It’s one of the nicest hotels near Oxford Street because of the proximity.