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Hyde Park

When in London – Why You Should Visit Hyde Park?

Hyde Park is one of the most famous tourist destinations in London. And it’s recommended that you book a hotel near the park to make the most out of your time. The London House Hotel is just a mile away from the park. The hotel’s amenities make it one of the best hotels near Hyde Park.

But what makes Hyde Park so special? Why do many visitors visit the place as part of their itineraries?

About Hyde Park

Area wise, Hyde Park is one of London’s largest parks. But it’s not just all green space. Hyde Park has everything to pick a visitor’s interest. There’s a large lake where you can rent boats, a generous sprinkling of wildlife, shaded and woody resting areas, and lovely flower gardens. And all of these in the heart of London. There are even areas for recreation like skating, horse riding, and tennis. There’s even a children’s playground to keep your tots busy. You’ll never run out of activity options in Hyde Park.

The central location of Hyde Park makes it one of the most popular spots where both locals and visitors meet during lunch break. But don’t worry about overcrowding. The large area of the park ensures that you’ll find a place to rest on and enjoy your own personal space. Picnics are popular in the park but if you weren’t able to bring your food, there are lakeside restaurants with fully stocked bars and excellent menus.

Hyde Park was originally owned by monks before it was taken away from them by King Henry VIII and turned into a hunting ground. Charles I, after almost a century later, opened it to the public.

There’s a huge lake inside the park called the Serpentine. This man-made lake was constructed under the orders of King George II’s wife, Queen Caroline.

One of history’s most famous band, the Beatles, wrote some of their 1960s songs in a shared flat near Hyde Park. The park is also full of great pieces of sculpture including the 33-ton Achilles made from bronze.

Winter Wonderland

Come winter time, one of Hyde Park’s most famous attractions come alive. The Winter Wonderland boasts of more than 100 rides which will have you dropping, flying, and spinning. That’s more than enough to get your ticker pumping. If thrilling rides are not your thing, there are also gentle rides, skills games, and fun houses.

And what’s Christmas without Santa? Santa Land is a must visit for both the young and the old. Experience the Santa Express ride, meet his helpful elves, and see the Santa workshop. The magic of Christmas is alive in Santa Land with games, children’s rides, and eateries.

And if the winter air becomes too cold for your liking, you can warm up inside one of Winter Wonderland’s theatre-style venues. There are circus acts, comedy shows, and other events to keep you entertained.

Food and Shopping

If you’re in the mood for some shopping and fun dining, Hyde Park is surrounded by some of the best shops and restaurants in London.

Oxford Street comes at the top of the list of shoppers and it’s only a stone throw’s distance from Hyde Park’s Marble Arch. Check out some of London’s best stores at Oxford and if you need a quick snack after your shopping spree, eateries are also available along the street.

If you’re looking for a big department store to do all your Christmas shopping in one go, you’ll find one of the most popular departments stores in the world near Hyde Park. Harrods has all the things you’ll ever need to complete your shopping list with over 300 stores. The food halls should keep you energized as you spend the whole day inside the department store.

How to Get to Hyde Park from London House Hotel?

From the London House Hotel, Hyde Park is only 5 minutes’ walk. The proximity of the hotel to the park makes it one of the most highly recommended hotels near Hyde Park.