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Big Ben

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Accommodation in One of the Hotels near Big Ben

Big Ben is one of the landmarks in London that most people would like to visit. When visiting, you don’t need to worry about your accommodations because there are decent hotels near Big Ben to choose from.

Since 1987, the clock tower has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the reign of Queen Victoria, journalists called it St. Stephen’s Tower. The bell’s name back then was supposed to be Royal Victoria.      

What most people believed to be Big Ben tower is actually the Elizabeth Tower, and its former name was Clock Tower. The year 2012 was the diamond jubilee year of Queen Elizabeth II. In that year, the Clock Tower changed its name to Elizabeth Tower in honour of the queen. Big Ben is the 13.7-tonne bell within the tower and not the entire structure.

Most people in London refer to the bell and clock tower combination as Big Ben and everyone else all over the world does the same. Whatever name you wish to call it, Elizabeth Tower or something else, visiting Big Ben could be one of your most memorable experiences.

Things to See and Do at Big Ben

Aside from admiring the whole tower structure, which includes the Big Ben, there are many things that you can do to make your trip worthwhile. You can visit other interesting places nearby, dine, and shop. Before you go ahead and play to your heart’s content, you may want to check out the London House Hotel first for your accommodation.   

Here are some of the things that you may want to try while you are visiting Big Ben:

  1. Visit Houses of Parliament and nearby places

It only takes one minute to go to The Houses of Parliament when you walk from Big Ben. It is a stunning, dominating sight. You can also choose to stroll along nearby areas and enjoy the view. You may also opt to go inside public galleries.

  1. Wait for the shifting of the guard on duty

Most people anticipate the changing of the guard. During summer months of May, June, and July, the changing of the guard is usually done each day. For the rest of the year, expect the guard to change every other day.

  1. Enjoy a shopping spree on Oxford Street

If you want to go shopping in London, visit Oxford Street. It is the busiest shopping street in Europe and holds the flagship stores of famous fashion companies all over the world.

  1. Take a river boat cruise

It would be a pity to pass on a boat ride across the infamous Thames River. Sail away and grab the opportunity to traverse the majestic history of London. The adults (without any children) may find it more relaxing to take the evening cruise while having cocktails.

  1. Take time to walk around Soho

It is a place with vibrant nightlife, superb restaurants, clubs, and bars. At daytime, you can go exploring and shopping.

Why Choose London House Hotel?

One of the fabulous hotels near Big Ben is called London House Hotel, a gorgeous Victorian building, which you may want to try. Inside, it has stylish furnishings and offers ease and comfort of the modern era. You may find it easy to come and go as you visit Big Ben and nearby areas.

It is located along a quiet street. On the other side is a private park and offers free Wi-Fi. It is also easy to go to Heathrow Airport when you choose to stay in this hotel. The modern rooms are clean yet fairly small.

Direction from London House Hotel to Big Ben

The fastest route to reach Big Ben from London House Hotel is via Park Lane (with tolls). Take the route to Porchester Gardens and Porchester Terrace. Turn left to reach Bayswater Rd.

You can take a bus in Bayswater, Leinster Terrace to reach Big Ben. If you prefer to travel by car all the way to Big Ben, you can take the Lancaster Gate route to continue on Bayswater Rd.

Follow the route Park Lane, Constitution Hill, and Birdcage Walk to take you to Parliament Square and Big Ben.

You can choose to walk, which will take you more than an hour to reach Big Ben when you follow the same route. You may want to have an expensive taxi ride to take you to Big Ben, but you can also try the subway in Bayswater Station.