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Exploring London with Kids

Exploring London with Kids

December 28, 2018

A family trip to London is a great opportunity to bond and enjoy with each other. However, travelling with younger family members might get stressful, but your room at the London House Hotel Kensington Garden Square will serve as the perfect retreat. Choosing from the myriad activities open to kids in London is hard. We highlight some of the best.



Museums are no longer boring places to visit. Explore the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood to see what toys were like in years gone by.  The Ragged School Museum in Clerkenwell provides an opportunity to experience Victorian schooling while dinosaurs, fossils and more can be seen at the Natural History Museum. 


Tower of London

Take kids to see Traitors Gate and hear the tales of those unfortunates who passed underneath, rarely to return.  Meet the Yeomen of the Guard and join one of their free guided tours to hear stories of attempts to steal the Crown Jewels, of murdered princes and sad queens. 


London Zoo

Tucked away in Regents Park and not too far away from hotels near Paddington Station London, this has an irresistible attraction for every kid.  Visit the lions, gorillas, penguins, giraffes, lemurs, tigers and many more.  Try out the only spider walk-though in Europe – if you dare! 


SeaLife London

Home to one of Europe’s largest collections of marine life, SeaLife gives a fascinating glimpse into an underwater world.   This is where you can discover the vast array of fish that live in our seas, as well as unusual mammals like rare green sea turtles.  For something very unusual, you can even walk across a glass floor while looking down at seven different types of sharks swimming underneath your feet.

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Get inspiration for construction activities at the Lego store in Leicester Square.  Described as the largest Lego store in the world, it houses a range of incredible buildings such as a 20ft replica of Big Ben, which even has a working clock face.  The full-size Underground carriage made out of 637,903 bricks has to be seen to be believed. It even has passengers and you can sit on the seats. 


Harry Potter

Amazingly it has been twenty years since the first volume of Harry Potter was published. The arrival of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone brought a whole new world to life. The films were the icing on the cake, and Harry Potters fans are now too innumerable to count.  London houses many of the places mentioned in the Harry Potter books, as well as locations used for filming the iconic films.  Take your Harry Potter fans on a guided walk with BritMovie Tours to discover all those places they know so well from the books and films.  Find out where the flying car took off at St Pancras station, the location of Platform Nine and three quarters, the street entrance for the Ministry of Magic, the Death Eater’s Bridge, where the Knight Bus zoomed across London and of course, the irresistible Leaky Cauldron!  If that is not enough, then head up to Watford for a further glimpse into the film world. This is where the Harry Potter Studio Tour can be found and you can see all the incredible sets such as Professor Snape’s classroom, the Gryffindor study, the Weasley’s House, the Knight Bus, Hogwarts Express and new this year, the Forbidden Forest!