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Explore London Highest Viewpoints

Explore London Highest Viewpoints

November 20, 2018

Got a head for heights? Then why not discover the beauties of London’s skyline while a resident at London House Hotel Kensington Garden Square? It gives a very different perspective (and some brilliant photographs) of London as you have never seen it before.


The Shard has become one of London’s most iconic viewing points. Be prepared to book in advance for a timeslot to the 68th floor-viewing platform. Thankfully you do not have to walk up – there are fast lifts available. Whatever the time of day or night, the views are spectacular. When you are on the viewing platform, you will be 244 metres above street level which means you will be higher than most buildings in London! You can even dine in style at the restaurant while admiring the views – but again, booking is essential.


The great dome of St Paul’s Cathedral rises majestically over the city of London. Be prepared for some steep stairs as there are no lifts, but just 530 steps to the topmost gallery – the Golden Gallery which is 85.5m above street level. This is a view that usually only the pigeons see from on high, but it is well worth the effort if you can climb that high!


Ever since it was built 16 years ago, the London Eye has become synonymous with London. It is one of the most famous landmarks in the world.  Take a trip in one of the capsules and slowly rise to a height of 135 metres and, if the weather is good, have a fantastic view for up to 25 miles in distance. Virtually all the key landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Regents Park, Tower of London and Tower Bridge can be seen and you may even be able to glimpse Hampton Court Palace or Greenwich in the distance. Ideal for a luxurious browse while you stay at hotels near Notting Hill London.


Moving downriver to Tower Bridge, you can climb up the long flights of stairs to the topmost walkways and cross from one side of the river to the other. If you are lucky, you may even be there when the bottom part of the bridge opens up to allow vessels through – allowing you to look down on the ships as they pass underneath. The visit also allows you to discover the skills of the Victorian engineers who created this brilliant edifice.

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Further still downriver is Greenwich which offers two fantastic ways to see explore the skyline of London. Take a ten-minute ride in an Emirates cable car across the river Thames allowing you to enjoy the wonderful views of Greenwich and it's classical river frontage which has been given world heritage status by UNESCO.


Also in the Greenwich area is the O2 Arena. Here you definitely need nerves of steel as it is possible to take a trip, day or night, high into the dome. Special climbing suits, shoes and a safety harness are required as you will be climbing across a fabric walkway suspended two metres above the Arena roof!


Last of all, why not consider a helicopter trip. The London Helicopter offers a variety of trips across London’s skyline giving very unique views of London’s skyline including a trip down the Thames from west to east.